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Sports Injury Treatment in The Woodlands

Sports Injury Treatment in The Woodlands

chiropractor examining an athlete's injured knee

Although sports and exercising can improve your health, injuries can occur. Improper gear, poor training techniques, and accidents are some common causes of injuries in the Woodlands. Thus, it is important to learn about sports injury treatment options so you know the best care plan for your needs.

Read on to learn the common types of sports injuries, the reasons for their occurrence, and about sports injury chiropractic treatment.

Most Common Types of Sports Injuries

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The kind of sports you play can determine the injury types you may get. Acute and chronic injuries are the two types of sports injuries you can experience. Acute injuries occur suddenly, whereas chronic ones develop over time. Below are the most common types of sports injuries in the Woodlands:

Broken bones – Also called bone fractures. It can occur in any sports, where a sudden force breaks a bone to cause numbness, swelling, and tenderness.

Achilles tendon injuries – They happen when you rupture or break the Achilles tendon, causing sudden and severe pain that makes walking difficult.

Sprains – They occur when you tear or overstretch your ligaments. A ligament is a tissue piece that links two bones to each other in a joint. 

pain illustration of a male athlete having knee pain

Strains – Strains differ from sprains by hurting a muscle rather than a ligament. They happen when you overstretch or tear tendons or muscles.

Dislocations – A dislocation occurs when impact forces a bone out of its socket, leading to pain, swelling, and weakness.

Knee injuries – These injuries compromise how your knee joint moves. You can get them from tearing or overstretching tissues or muscles in the knee.

Rotator cuff injuries – The rotator cuff is a shoulder section featuring four muscles. They work together to enable your shoulder to move in all directions. An injury occurs when you tear any of the muscles and weaken the cuff.

soccer player laying on the ground after a sports accident

3 Common Reasons Why Sports Injuries Occur

You can get a sports injury for three primary reasons. The first is when you play after being inactive for a long time. Another reason for an injury is not properly warming up before exercising. You can also suffer damage by excessively training or using inappropriate training methods. Lastly, you can get an injury when partaking in contact sports.

Sports injuries occur due to traumatic impact on a joint in motion, resulting in hyperflexion or hyperextension. For instance, a rapid deceleration, rotation, or hyperextension of your knee joint can tear the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). These injuries can cause considerable pain, taking you away from a game you enjoy.

Chiropractor is treating a patient that suffers from sports injury on his knee

Treatment for Sports Injury in the Woodlands

You can get chiropractic treatment and physical rehabilitation for your sports injury in the Woodlands. Sports injury chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation provide an effective solution since it involves assessing, diagnosing, and managing injuries. The chiropractors determine the precise cause of dysfunction and pain, offering appropriate treatment and management plans.

Chiropractic care guides you on the measures to take before and after sports to enhance performance or prevent injury. At Core Health Spine & Rehab, our chiropractic services and Sports Medicine services can aid in giving you quality treatment.

injured woman treating her knee with an ice pack

Besides chiropractic and physical rehabilitation, the RICE technique is another treatment method for sports injuries. This acronym represents four measures of sports injury pain relief you can take, standing for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

The RICE technique is ideal for dealing with mild sports injuries and can often be applied at home. These measures aid in minimizing swelling while preventing other bruises and pain in the early days post-injury. It is advisable to apply this method within the initial 24 to 36 hours after injury for best results.

Choose Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation for Sports Injury Treatment

It is essential to know different sports injury treatment methods to help alleviate and manage pain post-injury. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective ways you can rely on for pain relief and injury prevention. At Core Health Spine and Rehabilitation, we provide the best sports injury treatment in the Woodlands. Contact our team today for complete chiropractic expertise and care for your needs! 

With chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, and pain management under one roof, we offer the most direct path to healing for everyone—including speciality services for babies, children, and pregnant moms.
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