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Sports are a great way for people of all ages to stay in shape, learn about teamwork, and develop strong relationships with family members and friends. At the same time, people can get hurt from time to time while playing sports. That is where sports medicine can be helpful. You may be wondering, “what is a sports doctor called,” and the answer is that you have lots of options available. A chiropractor and/or physical therapist trained in sports medicine can provide specialized care, helping you recover from a traumatic injury. At Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation, we are proud to offer a sports medicine team. Learn more about The Woodlands sports medicine and treatments available below.

What Is a Sports Medicine Specialist?

A sports medicine specialist is someone who specializes in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. For example, a sports medicine specialist may be able to help you avoid back injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, and more. Then, a sports doctor can also treat acute injuries if they arrive. 

You might be wondering, “what is a sports doctor called?” Sports medicine is a team sport. There are several people who may be involved in helping you address sports injuries. These include:

  • A physical therapist can help you strengthen certain parts of your body, completing the recovery process. 
  • A certified athletic trainer may be able to strengthen certain muscle groups, preventing injuries from taking place.
  • A nutritionist can help you customize a diet to meet your specific needs, making sure your muscle groups have the building blocks they need to stay strong. 
  • A chiropractor (sports chiropractor) whose focus is on the health of an athlete's joints. 

Why Should You See a Sports Medicine Specialist?

There are several common reasons why people seek the care of a sports medicine specialist. These include:

  • You may have suffered an ankle sprain. 
  • You might have suffered a bone fracture somewhere in your body, such as the wrist or ankle.
  • You might have suffered a knee or shoulder injury, such as a rotator cuff tear or a ligament sprain. 
  • You may develop tendonitis in the shoulder or knee.
  • You might be suffering from exercise-induced asthma. 
  • You could have developed heat exhaustion during practice or a game. 
  • You might be suffering from an eating disorder. 
  • You could have sustained a concussion while playing sports. 
  • You might be dealing with a cartilage injury involving your knee, hip, or shoulder. 

These are just a few of the most common reasons why people seek the care of a sports medicine specialist in The Woodlands, Texas. 

When Should You Call a Sports Medicine Healthcare Provider?

There are several situations where it may be helpful to see a sports medicine health care provider in The Woodlands. First, it is important to see a sports medicine specialist to prevent injuries from happening. Even though you can certainly treat injuries after they have taken place, it is always better to prevent them from happening. A sports medicine specialist can help you develop customized treatment plans that can strengthen muscle groups, preventing injuries from happening. 

If you have suffered a serious injury while playing sports, you may see a primary care doctor first. If he or she recommends that you should see a sports medicine specialist, it may be time to reach out to a physical therapist, an athletic trainer or a sports chiropractor. If you would like to achieve a comprehensive recovery following a sports injury, you could see a sports medicine health care provider. 

Call Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation for Sports Medicine and Treatment

If you are looking for The Woodlands Sports Medicine specialist, we are here to help you. We are Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation, and we are always accepting new patients. We provide sports chiropractic care, sports medicine, sports injury treatment, physical therapy, pain management, and more in The Woodlands, TX. If you would like to make an appointment with our team, please contact us today at 281-364-2673!

With chiropractic care, physical therapy, and pain management under one roof, we offer the most direct path to healing for everyone—including speciality services for babies, children, and pregnant moms.
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