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Pinched Nerve Treatment

Pinched Nerve Treatment in The Woodlands

Old couple suffering from pain cause of pinched nerve

Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation makes your journey from pinched nerves a successful recovery. Don't let a pinched nerve disrupt your quality of life any longer by collaborating with us. Experience our pinched nerve treatment in The Woodlands to deliver the relief you've sought. Bid goodbye to discomfort and possible complications.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves reveal in various ways, signaling the need for attention. Common symptoms include localized pain, mostly in the neck or lower back areas. There are radiating pain such as sciatica and sensations like numbness, tingling, or a burning feeling. 

Weakness, particularly during specific activities, and the familiar sensation of a limb "falling asleep" also point to potential nerve compression. 

Specific movements, like turning your head or straining your neck, might worsen these symptoms. Immediate diagnosis becomes crucial to avoid complications, especially in on-the-job injuries where pinched nerves are a common concern.

While self-care and over-the-counter pain relievers may offer temporary relief, persistent symptoms need the immediate attention of a healthcare specialist.

Causes of Pinched Nerves

Understanding the potential causes is crucial for our specialists to know where and how we should address your concerns and ensure effective non-surgical treatment such as chiropractic care for pinched nerves.

Potential Causes

pinched nerve on wrist


Inflammation in the joints can exert pressure on nearby nerves, causing symptoms associated with pinched nerves.

Aging and Spinal Wear

Natural aging leads to wear and tear on the spine and its discs. As spinal discs lose water content and flatten, the vertebrae move closer together, prompting the body to form bone growths or spurs that may compress nerves.

Sudden Injuries

Sports-related incidents or accidents resulting in sudden impacts can lead to a pinched nerve. Awkward lifting, pulling, or twisting movements may also cause a herniated disc, contributing to nerve compression.

Risk Factors and Lifestyle Contributors

Repetitive Motion Tasks

Extended periods of repetitive motion, such as typing, can induce stress in the wrist and hand, potentially causing carpal tunnel syndrome—characterized by inflammation pressuring the median nerve.


Excess weight can engender swelling in your nerve pathways, exerting pressure on nerves and contributing to pinched nerve symptoms.


The additional weight during pregnancy can lead to compressed nerves, particularly in areas like the lower back.

Understanding these contributing factors empowers you and our team at Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation to create a focused and efficient non-surgical treatment plan for pinched nerves. Tackling the root causes leads us to a holistic approach to relieving discomfort and fostering enduring well-being.

Non-Surgical Pinched Nerve Treatment Options

Our patients can find comfort and relaxation knowing that we provide non-surgical pinched nerve treatment options. The following treatment options are available:

chiropractor treating patient with pinched nerve on neck

Physical Rehabilitation

Experience our specialized physical rehabilitation tailored to alleviate pinched nerve discomfort. We offer exercises and techniques that enhance strength, flexibility, and general function, promoting optimal nerve health without surgery.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is our foundation in a non-surgical approach. Our skilled specialists perform precise spinal adjustments to restore misalignments that cause the nerve to compress. We aim to provide instant relief without invading your body and restore proper nerve function.

Pain Management Injections (Epidural Steroid Injections)

Get instant relief with our pain management injections, including Epidural Steroid Injections. These injections directly deliver anti-inflammatory medication to the affected area by our medical specialists. Our approach aims to decrease inflammation and alleviate pain related to pinched nerves.

Benefits of Choosing Our Pinched Nerve Treatment Services

We are renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence and ensuring our patients' pinched nerve treatment in The Woodlands. Discover the advantages of choosing Core Health Spine and Rehabilitation for pinched nerve treatment:

chiropractor pressing patients pinched nerve

Expert Team of Specialists

Our reliable, seasoned team of specialists performs our pinched nerve treatment services. Trust in the proficiency of our specialists as they navigate your journey to relief with precision and medical insight.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We are aware that each patient’s condition is unique. We prioritize personalized treatment plans tailored to every condition you have. Every patient's journey toward healing is different, and our team is dedicated to crafting a treatment plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Experience only the utmost care with our modern facilities. You can rely on our clinic, which has the latest technologies and facilities that contribute to your recovery.

Compassionate Patient Care

No priorities are more important than our care for each of our patients. We offer a compassionate approach to care and provide an environment where our patients can freely express themselves and be communicative.

Focus on Minimizing Pain and Maximizing Mobility

Our treatment principles revolve around minimizing pain and maximizing mobility. Core Health Spine & Rehabilitation understands how pinched nerves impact your life, and our focus is on providing effective relief that helps you regain optimal mobility and functionality.

Seek Effective Treatment in The Woodlands

Choose Core Health Spine and Rehabilitation for precise and effective pinched nerve treatment in The Woodlands. We have skilled specialists and advanced facilities to ensure a thorough approach to your recovery. Don't think twice about seeking professional help—book a consultation now to regain control and experience relief. Contact us today!

With chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, and pain management under one roof, we offer the most direct path to healing for everyone—including speciality services for babies, children, and pregnant moms.
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